Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The best predictor of Trump support is...

The best predictor of support for Donald Trump is...

Drum roll...

authoritarianism! (according to an article on Vox)

Which is defined by a cluster of tendencies...
"Individuals with a disposition to authoritarianism demonstrate a fear of "the other" as well as a readiness to follow and obey strong leaders. They tend to see the world in black-and-white terms. They are by definition attitudinally inflexible and rigid."
First of all, aren't you just asking for your liberal readership to get the wrong idea with the phrase, "black and white?"

Secondly, authority and ingroup (loyalty) values, which Vox just calls authoritarianism, are big predictors of conservatism. It ain't got nothing to do with trump.

What about the other moral foundation connected to conservatism? Purity. I can't help but think of Trump calling people he doesn't like, "disgusting".

The article also states,
"These results should be a big red flag to those who argue Trump’s support is capped. It is not."
Only to the same extent that conservatism isn't capped, which of course it is. Yes, people become more authoritarian as they feel threatened, but that doesn't mean each subsequent scare doesn't get diminishing returns. It's not like more and more threats just keeps working forever. Fear may have already done pretty much everything it can do.

The article fights fire with fire, that is, fear with fear. Be afraid, Donald Trumps has unlimited potential. He hasn't even reached his final form!