Thursday, April 14, 2016

Do You Know God Cartoon


I think another character standing next to the atheist could say that God has been revealed through what has been made, not through scripture or an inner voice, so as to leave man without an excuse. This general revelation of God would be as clear as or clearer than 2+2=4 if it began with the affirmation that something must be eternal (0+0=0), and moving from there to knowing more particular things about God.

Various religion's lack of attention to general revelation makes discourse about this matter rare. But it's possible for God to be clear to anyone who has reason in them, but for everyone to be in a state of resistance against what is clear.

One of the issues brought up in the cartoon that isn't about knowing God but about what one has to do to be saved or whether one needs to be saved at all. The major theistic religions seem to divide over issues of salvation rather than who God is. And I get that the atheist is just taking them at their word, that they're essentially serving different Gods (except I presume the muslim who likely believes that he serves the same God as Christian and Jewish people), but I also think the atheist should evaluate their claims critically rather than taking as granted that these people are dividing themselves up in relevant ways.