Saturday, April 9, 2016

Is Education about Domination?

A new post and a new theory of education by Robin Hanson:

While human foragers are especially averse to even a hint of domination, they are also especially eager to take “orders” via copying the practices of prestigious folks. Humans have a uniquely powerful capacity for cultural evolution exactly because we are especially eager and able to copy what prestigious people do. So if humans hate industrial workplace practices when they see them as bosses dominating, but love to copy the practices of prestigious folks, an obvious solution is to habituate kids into modern workplace practices in contexts that look more like the latter than the former.
Are human being's resistance to domination so strong that culture needed to create this long expensive detout called education? Given my experience with how resistant uneducated people are to even a sense of domination, and how negatively this effects their lives, I want to say yes.