Saturday, April 2, 2016

Scott Alexander's non-libertarian FAQ (Why I hate your Freedom)

Here is Scott Alexander's non-libertarian FAQ, Why I Hate your Freedom

It is very good at outlining the basic economic textbook critique of laissez faire free-market ideology. I think it is basically right, however, a little to long and complicated to persuade his audience. Who is his audience? He states elsewhere,
It was never aimed at smart libertarians anyway, just as a way to knock down trolls who have read too much Lew Rockwell and too little anything else. Its points still mostly stand. And I'm not sure I would specifically self-identify as a libertarian either. I seem to have several political philosophies at several different levels
I don't think most of the Lew Rockwell, types don't have the kind of attention span needed to be sufficiently knocked down.

I included the last sentence because I sympathize with it a lot -- the sentence about different ideologies at different levels. I wrote a post about this but never posted because believe it or not, I proofread my posts and never got time to read through this one thoroughly. It's called Government: Broad and Narrow Views. It states that the more meta-level I think the more libertarian I get, and the more narrow view I take the more liberal I get. I will probably post it later.

In the same post, Scott mentions a comment that he says may have shifted him away from non-libertarianism irreversibly. Intriguing...

So the non-libertarian FAQ got a response by another smart and articulate person ( The non-non libertarian FAQ). This is what brought my attention to the first FAQ in the first place. Personally, I would like to see David Friedman's response, which is probably sitting the read file of Scott Alexander's e-mail.