Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bernie Sanders as George Costanza in Seinfeld

The video is cute, but if liberals transition from wealth inequality to Denmark and Sweden one more time... Denmark has the #1 most unequal distribution of wealth. Sweden's is higher than almost all developed countries. You don't know what you're measuring. Settle the down and be inquisitive before whipping yourself up into moral outrage.

All? Trump believes that all Mexicans are criminals? Don't interpret your opponents from liberal land. Interpret them from how they obviously mean to be understood. When I say Americans are getting fatter, it doesn't mean all Americans are getting fatter, it doesn't even mean most Americans are getting fatter, and I shouldn't have to hedge my speech against somebody interpreting me that way. Donald Trump does have to hedge against such interpretations, and has stated explicitly that he does not mean every single immigrant, not because it isn't clear what he means, but because liberals interpret him from so far in the outgroup that they might as well be on other planets.

My money is on Hillary, and she's a far superior choice to either of the other two candidates. So why aren't I happy about it?