Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tale of Diversityland and Unitopia

You're Jack Bauer and you just obtained control over nuclear missile after it has already launched. It's too late to navigate it into a large body of water, so you have to hit one of two regions; Diversityland or Unitopia. You call Cloe and ask her in your gruff macho Jack Bauer voice, "Cloe, tell me about these two countries!"

"Well Diversityland has a population of one million. It's borders contain the last of an endangered race. Unitopia has a population of one million-and-one. Besides that I can't find any notable differences."

Okay Jack, which country are you going to hit with the nuclear missile? Diversityland or Unitopia?

It seems to me that if you hit Unitopia you believe in discrimination if it brings about diversity. Some people are more important because they were born that way.

If you hit Diversityland, you don't believe in discrimination. A person is a person is a person. It's who they choose to be that matters.

Hitting Unitopia is preference based discrimination.

It also seems like hitting Unitopia is the mark of a politically progressive minded person. A lot of non-progressive liberals might be more likely to hit Diversityland.