Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trump's Moderate Views

This is from a pro-Trump friend on Facebook. I find it interesting at least.

In contrast to the title of the video, Trump hasn't had the same stance on taxes over the last 20 years. Or at least if he does he doesn't talk about it. So read an interview from 1999 where he advocates a massive one time tax on the wealthy. Has he really changed his stance? Who knows? He only talks about foreign policy. Probably because we've only seen him trying to win the Republican nomination. In the general election, he will almost definitely start emphasizing stances that mesh better with the median voter.

That's what people don't get. Republicans and Democrats are not trying to win the general election until after they've won their respective party's nominations. The general election and the primaries are two completely different competitions, and it takes very different tactics and emphasis' to win each.

For a list of other policy stances that put Trump in contrast with his party, see SlateStar's post. Quote:
He supports Planned Parenthood, doesn’t want to cut entitlement programs, condemns Dubya and the Iraq war, supports affirmative action, supports medical marijuana, etc. If somebody were to tell you last year that a man with those policy positions would not only be leading the Republican primary, but leading even among the most conservative voters, you’d think they were crazy.
The blue tribe would hate to hear this, but there's no reason why Trump couldn't win the Democratic election without changing anything of substance. He would just have to use different tribal signals and emphasize different policies. In fact, he already has. He used to be a Democrat.