Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How common is it for a man to be shorter than his partner

Very likely

A study finds that in the U.K. 92.5% of couples the man is taller than the woman. 3.4% of couples were the same height, and 4.1% of couples the woman was taller.

The United States is similar, with 92.2% of men being taller than their spouses.

Of course, men tend to be taller than women anyway, and much research has been done on the correlation between height and IQ (1,2,3)

While the studies I mentioned were of real life couples, another study shows people also say height matters - mostly on the woman's side. 49% of women reported that they preferred a taller man. 13.5% of men reported that they preferred a shorter woman. This isn't the only way women might be more particular than men when choosing a mate. Some evidence from OK Cupid shows women give much lower ratings of men on a scale from 1-10 than men give women.

Some ways that men are more particular than women might be that they consistently find 20 year old women at peak attractiveness. Meanwhile women consistently prefer men a few years older than them until about 30, and then a few years younger.

This study shows men of average height have the highest reproductive success. Some others (1,2) show that being taller than average is optimal for reproductive success.

Right Wing Parenting


A lot of loose hypotheses in the conversation between Warren Farrell and Jordan Peterson.

2. Alison Gopnik thinks parenting should be less like carpentry and more like gardening

3. Conservative education site on how to make obedient children. It includes such tips as:
-Use fewer words to communicate in order to sound more confident
- Do not explain the motives behind your instructions. Tell them, "because I said so."
-Speak from an upright position, do not bend down to the child's level

It's very authoritarian.

Monday, May 21, 2018

What you Need to Know about Willpower

From the American Psychological Association:

My basic view on willpower is that people depend too much on it. Strategy is a better approach to getting things done (for example, using a bit of willpower early to garner momentum throughout the day). You can't make more by willing it into being, but by practicing and building it over time. It's largely inherited, but you can build more or less with what nature gave you.

The Problem with Sexual Arousal Studies

Apparently, experts measure women's arousal by blood-flow into the vagina, when they should be measuring the erection of the clitorus.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Why do Puns make People Groan?

“Puns are threatening because puns reveal the arbitrariness of meaning, and the layers of nuance that can be packed onto a single word,”
 This all sounds a bit dramatic to me. A simpler hypothesis might be that most puns are lazy attempts at humor.

Bryan Caplan on Conversations with Tyler

One of the best Bryan Caplan interviews I've ever heard (and I've heard them all)
I remember once I was just wandering past opening day for The Hunger Games, which I was not particularly a fan of. But just to see a bunch of people who are in love with something, I was happy just looking at them loving this thing in a way that when I see someone half watching a sitcom while doing something else, that’s the kind of thing that depresses me. 
I just want to go and shut it off. If it’s worth watching, it’s worth watching with 100 percent attention. If it doesn’t motivate you that way, you need to find something else. Or else you might be wasting your whole aesthetic life!
 Maybe it's time to start watching all the movies nominated for Best Picture, starting with 2017's The Shape of Water.